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 Eden Coast by Raynor
  Eden Coast by Raynor
Give your home an upscale, timeless look, knowing your investment virtually pays for itself. No other home remodeling project delivers better value. These beautiful Eden Coast by Raynor garage doors are built to last and are a smart and stylish investment that you will enjoy for years to come! Combined with a long lasting steel door base, our overlays are impervious to moisture, mold, and mildew because they are built with environmentally-friendly composite materials that provide the beauty of naturally stained wood without any of the maintenance.

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Residential Full Overlay Faux Wood Limited Warranty

Door Sections:

Raynor® warrants the door sections against defects in material and workmanship, and deterioration due to rust (exterior only) for as long as the original purchaser owns the home. Raynor also warrants the door sections against delamination of the polyurethane foam insulation from the steel skins for as long as the original purchaser owns the home.

Overlay Material:

If overlay material is found to be defective by inspection of an authorized Raynor agent or employee, Raynor will repair or replace any elements material overlay or garage door section with overlay material on it due to failure of product breakdown within 10 years of original purchase.

Overlay Delamination:

Raynor will repair or replace any garage door cladding that is defective in material or workmanship, including, but not limited to, delamination of the material used by Raynor at our option within 5 years of original purchase. Overlay board lifting is not covered by this warranty.

Stain Finish:

Any pre-finished stained garage doors that are finished by Raynor are warranted from bubbling, cracking, chipping, peeling, chalking or abnormal fading of the finish within the 5 years of original purchase. Warranty is void, if determined by a Raynor agent or employee that incidental or consequential damages have been done to the finish. Raynor provides no performance warranty on paint finishes against fading and/or chalking. Any claims regarding the performance of painted finished will be referred to the paint manufacturer’s local representative.


From date of purchase, window frames are warranted for 10 years against any manufacturing defects. This does not cover any breakage, damage or loss caused by any abrasive cleaning products, harmful chemicals, extreme environmental conditions, or abuse. Insulated glass is warranted from film formation or any moisture collection on the insulated glass window for 1 year from original purchase. No warranty is available for single pane glass.

Hardware & Springs:

Raynor warrants all hardware components against defects in material and workmanship for six (6) years and springs for three (3) years from date of delivery to the original purchaser.

No warranty is available for decorative hardware.

Exclusions to Coverage:

This warranty shall not extend to damages or defects caused by any of the following:

  • Paint or Stain Not Applied per Manufacturer
  • Failure to Follow All Installation Instructions
  • Faulty or Defective Installation(s)
  • Fire Radiation (UV or Other)
  • Foreign Substances
  • Accident or Casualty
  • Harmful Fumes
  • Vandalism
  • Act(s) of God
  • Fire, Hail, Flood
  • Physical Damage
  • Normal Wear and Tear
  • Chemical Action
  • Abrasive Materials
  • Areas Subject to Fallout or Exposure to Corrosive Chemicals
  • Areas Subject To Exposure of Fumes, Ash, Cement Dust, Animal Waste, or Foreign Substances
  • Areas Subject to Water Runoff from Lead, Copper, or Galvanic Metal Flashing
  • Operation Beyond Rated Capacity
  • Improper Use or Abuse
  • Improper Installation or Handling
  • Exposure to Coastal Weather Conditions
  • Alteration, Modification or Use of Non- OEM/ Raynor-Approved Parts or Products
  • Other Finished Parts Not Part of a Door Section (such as climate seal)
  • Normal Fading or Discoloration from Usage, Age or UV Exposure
  • Thermal bow as described in DASMA Technical Data Sheet 185

If you make any repair or alteration without first providing notice to and receiving authorization from us, or use any parts, accessories, or attachments other than authorized by Raynor for use in its products, you will be solely responsible for any such repairs or parts and you may void this warranty. Routine maintenance and related items, as well as minor adjustments or damage caused by your installer either during delivery or installation, are excluded from this warranty. For purposes of this warranty, minor scratches will not be considered a defect.

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