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RapidCoil RC300

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The RC300 high performance door is designed for interior and exterior environments. Incorporating unique "push pull" technology, the door features high-speed operation, automatic reinsertion, soft curtain design and excellent sealing. The efficient and robust design provides greater static and operational wind resistance up to 60 mph. The push pull technology also offers unmatched energy benefits due to the ability to close much faster than conventional gravity doors. The technology also eliminates the need for weight in the bottom bag and therefore provides the safest choice on the market. Advance controls including variable frequency drive, encoder, user friendly programmable Logix control, and wireless reversing provide safety and reliability.

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  • Door shall open up to 48" per second and close at 48" per second
  • Gear driven push pull technology offers unmatched energy benefits due to the ability to close much faster than conventional gravity doors


  • Fabric curtain design addresses three types of accidents, upward, downward, and lateral impacts
  • One set of photo eyes provided as standard


  • Temperature ratings weather conditions: winter exposure down to -22 degrees F
  • Door can be mounted interior of building
  • Zipper design provides wind/pressure resistance to 9.29 psf or 60 mph average (size dependent)

Drive Mechanism

  • Motor shall be directly attached to drum without belts or chains
  • Drive drum shall incorporate driving gears to mesh with zipper teeth
  • Fabric shall be attached directly to drum
  • Door curtain shall be positively driven in both directions


  • 27 oz PVC coated polyester fabric
  • Zipper teeth maintain curtain integrity under wind pressure but release upon impact

Side Guides

  • Made of galvanized structural steel channels
  • Galvanized steel inner side guides
  • Side guide covers of galvanized steel


  • Two way breakaway standard
  • Inner side guide flexes to allow separation
  • Re-insertion point located at header
  • Simple push of button re-inserts door
  • No manual intervention or tools required


  • Door is designed for thousands of cycles per day

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