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Raynor StyleView™ Custom Profile Carriage House doors feature architectural grandeur without the maintenance concerns of a typical wood door. The Swing-Up, Swing-Out, Accordion and Bi-Fold designs can be modified to meet the aesthetics of your home by selecting from 187 ArmorBrite™ color finishes and numerous glass and batten options. And, for added style, choose between true and simulated divided windows in various pane configurations.
  Custom Profile Carriage House
A perfect complement to standard steel doors, Raynor StyleView Custom Profile Mixed Panel designs offer a distinctive look for your home. By utilizing various panel spacing options, the Mixed Panel model will differentiate your garage door from others in your neighborhood. Featuring 187 ArmorBrite™ finishes and a variety of glass options, Raynor StyleView Custom Mixed Panel doors complement the individuality of your residence.
  Custom Mixed Panel